Making the world a better place through design.

Design allows me to embrace curiosity, to use the left side of my brain as well as the right side, and it gives me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world. I love diving deep into the details as much as piecing together the bigger picture. My passion particularly for branding and product design is driven by an innate desire to problem solve, apply systems thinking, and create a positive experience for people.

I was born in Shanghai and grew up in Brooklyn. My hobbies include collecting plants, watching documentaries, being in nature, and painting.

Currently I'm at Futerra - a change agency that uses magic and logic to make sustainability so desirable it becomes normal. Previously I was a creative lead at NRDC, Purpose, and at The Climate Group. I have also freelanced regularly for Closed Loop Partners, UNICEF and Exposure Labs.

"Gu, just wanted to say again, you did a phenomenal killer job with this design. Really spectacular."

— Jeff Orlowski, Filmmaker, Founder & Director, Exposure Labs

"This is fantastic Gu! Thanks for (always) going above and beyond."

– Max Steinman, Campaigns Director, Exposure Labs

"Really cannot describe how excited I am about your designs and how grateful I am for your time and talents. I think they're going to help change our business.

– Margaret Tung, CEO, Vesper

"I am really impressed with the site and all the hard work you have undertaken to get it working - I think it looks wonderful! "

– Alexis Stergarkis,
United Nation's Girls Education Initiative

"We are all SUPER happy with the branding you came up with! The colors, fonts, everything is amazing – so thank you!"

– Project Manager, Aldeia Works 

"Congratulations...on the extremely impressive 2015 Annual Report. It is a beautiful piece, well structured, informative, and succinct."

– Board Member, NRDC

"I've worked with many designers and not all "get it". The ones that do are a real gem. You are one of the gems"

– Kim Hines, Project & Account Manager

I am really so pleased with [the logo]. The more I look at it/use it, the more excited I get. 

– Megan Fowler, Director of Communications, Polaris Project



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