Making the world a better place through design.

Design allows me to be curious, open minded and make a positive difference in the world. I enjoy diving deep into the details as much as I do learning about and contributing to the bigger picture. My specific passion for branding and product design is rooted in a desire to create delightful experiences, make connections and to think of things as a system. 

I was born in Shanghai and grew up in Brooklyn. I love watching a good documentary, discovering a new place or just taking a walk in the park.

Currently I'm at Futerra - a mission driven change agency - and was formerly at NRDC, Purpose, and The Climate Group.

"Gu, just wanted to say again, you did a phenomenal killer job with this design. Really spectacular."

— Jeff Orlowski, Filmmaker, Founder & Director, Exposure Labs

"This is fantastic Gu! Thanks for (always) going above and beyond."

– Max Steinman, Campaigns Director, Exposure Labs

"Really cannot describe how excited I am about your designs and how grateful I am for your time and talents. I think they're going to help change our business.

– Margaret Tung, CEO, Vesper

"I am really impressed with the site and all the hard work you have undertaken to get it working - I think it looks wonderful! "

– Alexis Stergarkis,
United Nation's Girls Education Initiative

"We are all SUPER happy with the branding you came up with! The colors, fonts, everything is amazing – so thank you!"

– Project Manager, Aldeia Works 

"Congratulations...on the extremely impressive 2015 Annual Report. It is a beautiful piece, well structured, informative, and succinct."

– Board Member, NRDC

"I've worked with many designers and not all "get it". The ones that do are a real gem. You are one of the gems"

– Kim Hines, Project & Account Manager

I am really so pleased with [the logo]. The more I look at it/use it, the more excited I get. 

– Megan Fowler, Director of Communications, Polaris Project



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