extinguish hate

Worked closely with the Director of Social Impact and various stakeholders to create a rapid response social graphic in response to the protests at Charlottesville.

Less than 72 hours after the rally in Charlottesville, MTV become one of the first major brands to publicly condemn white supremacy. The message "extinguish hate" was blasted all over the MTV brand, with a PSA airing on TV and a graphic with the same words posted across MTV platforms and other Viacom networks. The graphic encouraged viewers to visit MTV's Look Different, a campaign meant to empower people to fight against injustice and educate themselves on prejudice and identity bias in this pressing time.

MTV's audience responded positively to the "extinguish hate" graphic with many viewers so moved by the PSA aired that they stopped to record their TV screens with their phones to repost the video on their own social media accounts. Celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Big Sean showed support for the campaign through social media, which helped extend the campaign's reach and keep the issue top of mind for MTV's audience.