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keep birth control copay free

Copay free birth control was being threatened by the Trump administration’s “religious freedom” mandate, which would limit access only to those who could afford it.

We created a multi-channel physical and digital campaign that used tactics to draw attention to the issue. An “invoice generator” was created to get people to take action. Generating and submitting an invoice to Trump will also submit a comment to the White House which can help change the legislation.

Developed a visual language that was inclusive and could flex to various applications from social media posts to a branded airstream that toured the country.

The campaign reached almost 3M impressions across social media channels, was covered by major news outlets and the social posts were shared by celebrities and influencrs including Jessica Biel, Mark Ruffalo, and Gloria Steinem. 500K comments were submitted to the White House.

Role // Senior Designer

Focus // Branding / Campaigns

Strategy // Molly Malloy / Briony Gittens

Agency // Futerra

Featured in // Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Forbes, Glamour, The Hill, HuffPost, Mashable, Now Her, Time, Teen Vogue, Refinery 29, Vox and others

Recognition // Shortlisted for D&AD Awards

The campaign to Keep Birth Control Co-pay Free was created in response to the current administration threatening to take away copay free birth control to 62 Million women in the US who use it, leaving access only to those who can afford it.